Primula marginata ‘Beatrice Lascaris’


Primula marginata 'Beatrice Lascaris' forms a very compact mound of farina margined foliage and has blue-lavender flowers in spring.3” X 4”. Grow in partial sun, gritty, well drained soil.Hardy to –20oF. Primulaceae

Primula marginata is a variable species and a member of the subgenus Auriculastrum. It is native to the Maritime and Cottian Alps of SE France and Western Italy where it is found growing on shady limestone cliffs. Quite cold hardy when provided with excellent drainage, it can be grown outdoors in crevice gardens and walls, in tufa, troughs and other containers. Primula marginata also makes a beautiful potted plant and can be overwintered in a cool greenhouse where its farina covered foliage and spring flowers remain untouched by the elements.

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