Lewisia cotyledon var purdyi


Lewisia cotyledon var purdyi is sometimes referred to as Button Rockrose.  It forms a compact rosette of succulent dark green, rounded leaves with pink to yellow flowers.   Grow in gritty, well drained soil in full sun to partial shade with moderate to low water.  Hardy to -10 degrees F.   Grown from seed collected in Josephine County, Oregon.

This variety is currently unrecognized and is instead considered Lewisia cotyledon var cotyledon.  There are three recognized varieties of Lewisia cotyledon each with a distinctive leaf margin.  Lewisia cotyledon var cotyledon has  smooth or slightly undulate or wavy leaf margins, Lewisia cotyledon var heckneri has serrate or toothed leaf margins, and Lewisia cotyledon var howellii has crisped or ruffled leaf margins.  Varieties heckneri and howellii also have slightly larger flowers on average.

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