Jovibarba heuffelii


Jovibarba heuffelii is one of our favorite rosette forming succulents.  There is an elegance to these multi-color rosettes that occur in shades of green and red.  One of the interesting features is that the offset rosettes lack stolons and instead are attached directly to the mother rosette.  The resulting plant is more compact than the typical hens and chicks and it stays attractive yearround.   The flowers are light yellow and occur in summer.   8″x12″.  Grow in full sun, in poor, gritty, well drained soil.   Use in rock garden, wall, trough or other container.   It is a very useful plant for retaining soils in a vertical crevice.  Hardy to -10 degrees  F. Native to the Balkans and So. Carpathians. Crassulaceae

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